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Ben Bartlett

'Inclusion is changes what we do to suit the kids, not changing the kids to suit us.'

'You can't go wrong if you do what is best for the child at the time.'

'Have conversations not consequences' 

Ben, is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional in inclusive education. With a profound understanding of behavior management, differentiation, and inclusive education, Ben has contributed significantly to various educational settings, including Tutorial Centres, high school support units, and a School for Specific Purposes. His ongoing dedication to positively impacting the lives of our most vulnerable families showcases his unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments.

Ben holds an impressive academic background, with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Teaching. In addition, he has earned Graduate Certificates in both Science and Inclusive Education, further enhancing his expertise in these domains. Currently, Ben is diligently pursuing a Diploma in Psychology, scheduled to be completed in 2024. His continued pursuit of professional development exemplifies his dedication to staying at the forefront of current practices.

With Ben leading this workshop, participants can be assured of receiving valuable insights and guidance from a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience and qualifications.