Maslow Before Bloom

I have given this post a lot of thought. What could I post that would sum up my philosophies in this new educational context whilst still being able to meet departmental expectations? And… I landed on the quote by Alan Beck, ‘In teaching… You can’t do the Bloom stuff until you take care of the Maslow stuff’.

From neuroscience and psychology to good old fashioned experience. Everything I have learned and that I want to teach to fellow colleagues comes down to this; we must Maslow before we Bloom. If students do not feel safe, are hungry or are seeking connection, then any learning will be superficial at best.

At Educators for Inclusion we aim to address the elephant in many classrooms. Teachers are expected to present content, without the support required to put the needs of many of our vulnerable students first. We aim to challenge archaic mindsets and lead colleagues into the new, student-centered era of learning!

Stay tuned for more posts in the future!


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